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Match selections for football matches played in the English Premiership on 03.03.2018 using the Fixed Return Betting Plan Formula to generate a bet that will return 100

Matches played 10.02.2018

National League Fixture Home Odds Draw Odds Away Odds Result
English Premier Watford v West Brom 2.1 3.2 3.7 Home Win
English Premier Liverpool v Newcastle 1.22 6.5 13.0 Home Win
English Premier Swansea v West Ham 2.5 3.2 3.0 Home Win
English Premier Burnley v Everton 2.45 3.0 3.1 Home Win


Using the Fixed Return Formula for 4 match selections a stake of 20.62 gave a return of 100.


Fixed Return Formula (FR4)

The four bet formula is a dynamic and powerful betting model which offers superior contingency cover for single and multiple events. For this formula you are required to input the separate betting odds and the fixed return target figure that you want to win and the formula will calculate the required staking levels to achieve this. Staking levels are determined by the odds and fixed return figure

The workbook does the formula calculations automatically

Formula ( 4 match outcomes)

Variable A = Odds for bet 1 minus 1

Variable B = Odds for bet 2 minus 1

Variable C = Odds for bet 3 minus 1

Variable D = Odds for bet 4 minus 1

Fixed Return Figure = ?

Formula = ? / O+1 - Where ? is the fixed return figure and O is the odds

The stake formula for bet1 is:

S = ?/ A + 1

The stake formula for bet 2 is:

S1 = ?/ B + 1

The stake formula for bet 3 is:

S2 = ?/ C + 1

The stake formula for bet 4 is:

S3 = ?/ D + 1


The screenshot below shows the betting plan after the amount you want to return from your bet and odds for each of the selected matches have been entered into the plan








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