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Football matches played in the German Bundesliga on 10th March 2018 using Fixed Budget Plan FB3

Matches played 13.01.2018

National League Fixture Home Odds Draw Odds Away Odds Result
German Bundesliga Hoffenheim v Wolfsburg 1.8 3.9 5 Home Win
German Bundesliga B. Leverkusen v B/Gladbach 2.1 3.1 3.2 Home Win
German Bundesliga Hertha Berlin v Freiburg 2.2 3.2 3.8 Draw

Using the Fixed Budget Plan (FB3) the results gave a return of 126.72 for a fixed budget of 30


Fixed Budget Formula  (FB3)

The ease of use of this formula will enable you to manage your football bets quickly and enable you to work within a specific budget. This formula is aimed at calculating staking levels over two and three football events to give an equal return for each bet using a fixed budget.

The formula displayed below is embed within each workbook and all you have to do is input the odds for each of the bets and the total budget which you are going to use

The workbook does the formula calculations automatically

Formula ( 3 outcomes)

Variable X = Odds for bet 1 minus 1

Variable Y = Odds for bet 2 minus 1

Variable Z = Odds for bet 3 minus 1

Betting budget = ?


The stake formula for bet1 is:

S = Y + 1 * Z + 1

The stake formula for bet 2 is:

S1 = X + 1 * Z + 1

The stake formula for bet 3 is:

S2 = X + 1 * Y + 1

We can say T = S + S1 + S2

S3 = S * ? divided by T

S4 = S1 * ? divided by T

S5 = S2 * ? divided by T


The screenshot below shows the betting plan after the betting budget and odds for each of the selected matches have been entered - the betting budget has automatically been divided between the bets to ensure that there is the same return no matter what line wins






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